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Once you have inserted a sound file in a slide, how do you play the sound?

With just a simple click of an icon.

I wish playing guitar was as easy as playing a sound file. Then I could join your band, PowerPoint.

Well, we can always make room for a tamborine player. Ha ha.

Playing your sound files from the slide
You've added some snazzy sound files to your presentation, now try playing them directly from the slides.

    1. In Slide View, double-click the speaker icon. The sound file will begin to play.

If you want to stop the sound file before it finishes playing, click anywhere on the slide.

Alternatively, click once on the sound icon to select it. The Sound Tools tab automatically appears in the Ribbon. Click the Preview button in the Play Group. Click Preview again to stop the sound file playing before it ends.

Sound Tools tab

What about objects? Can you attach sounds to objects? For example, if I have a picture of my fans in a slide, I want to hear them cheering.

Don't you mean booing. Oh, I'm just teasing.

Ouch! You better watch it Sue or this might just become "The Jim Jingle Show" and you'll be back to waiting tables.

When you two are finished joshing I'll show you what to do.

Attaching your sound files to objects
PowerPoint lets you attach your recordings to objects on your slides. However, the objects must be animated before you can attach a sound file to them.

Let's say that you want to add your narration to a cartoon on your slide. Here's what you do:

    1. In Slide View, display the slide you want to add the sound file to.

    2. Record your audio.

    3. In Slide View, click the object that you want to add the recording to. For example, the cartoon.

    4. From the Animations Group in the Animations tab, click on the Custom Animation button. The Custom Animation task pane will appear.

    5. If the object isn't animated yet, select an effect using the Add Effect button.

    Animate object list

    6. From the Custom Animation task pane, select your animation effect. Then click the arrow and choose Effect Options. The Effect Options dialog box will appear. Click the Effect tab, then click the Sound drop-down menu and choose your recorded sound.

    Choosing your sound file

    7. Click OK. The sound file is now added to the object.

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