Practice Report

    When a Web page contains a lot of pictures and effects, it may take a long time for it to download onto your visitor's computer. If you have a slow page, you may want to take out some of the graphics - because, otherwise, your visitors may not want to wait.

    To check for slow pages:

    1) Click the Reports button on the View Toolbar. The Site Summary page appears.

    2) In the Name column of the Site Summary table, locate the Slow pages row. If you have slow pages, a number appears in the Count column. If you don't have any slow pages, the number "0" appears in the Count column.

Check for pages that will 'overwhelm' your visitors.

    3) To identify which page is slow, double-click the Slow pages row. The Slow Pages table appears.

    TIP: In general, any page that takes longer than 30 seconds to download (with a 28.8 modem) is considered a slow page. If you want to change this criteria, say to 20 seconds, select a new time-setting from the Reports toolbar.

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