05 Report
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pixel The kids worked pretty fast. After the first week, they had a whole bunch of Web pages. One about food in the future, one for transportation, and even one about going to space school!

blip With so many pages it was time to connect them together. After all, that's what the Web is about: pages that are hyperlinked together.

pixelBlip, Scooter in Quadrant 360 wants us to explain hyperlinks.

blipHi, Scooter! Hyperlinks are text, images, and even parts of images that you can click. When you click a hyperlink, you are transported from one Web page to another. Mr. Clark's class used hyperlinks to lead visitors to other pages within their Web site - and also to lead visitors to other Web sites.

pixelOh, and don't forget the e-mail hyperlinks. The kids also created special hyperlinks that encouraged their visitors to send them e-mail.

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