Adding Content


Okay, now we need to add text to our cells. We can start with the names of the kids we've met. Hmmm... Matthew and Ashley seem like popular names in this century.

Names have come a long way, hey Blip? We haven't met a single kid named Grog, Fusion, or Byte. Yet, in our time, you hear these names all the time.


Good observation, Pixel.

Adding text to table cells
A "cell" is one of the boxes in the table. When you place your text or graphics into a table, you place it into one cell.

A table cell

To enter text into a cell:

    1. Position the cursor in the cell.

    2. Start typing. The cell will automatically expand to accommodate the text.

    A table cell expands



Now let's add a heading for our virtual yearbook. Something catchy.

20th Century Teens? Adolescence in the Information Age?


Adding captions to a table
The caption of a table is like its title or heading. Unlike other text, caption text automatically moves with the table if you want to relocate it on your web page.

To add a caption to a table:

    1. Select the table by clicking anywhere within it.

    2. Click Table on the Menu bar and select Insert Caption.

    Selecting the Insert Caption command

    3. The cursor will move to the top of the table. Type in your caption. You can format caption text the same way you format regular text.

    Check out your caption!


Okay, now it's time to put some images into the table. How about pictures of all the great people we've met?

Great. Hey, I noticed a lot of people wore little round window things on their noses. Was that some sort of fashion statement?


No, those were a primitive way to correct vision. They're called glasses. They didn't have vision-matic machines back then.

Adding images to a table

    1. Position the cursor in the cell.

    2. Click the Insert Image button. The Image dialog box will appear.

    Insert image button

    3. Choose an image and click Insert.

Image in a table

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