Graphical Links

Hey, Blip, wouldn't it be neat if we could link pictures? Then we could put images of ourselves on the site and link them to our bios.



I love it when you get your neurons firing! Let's go find out how to make pictures into hyperlinks.

Turning a graphic into a hyperlink
There are a number of reasons you might want to use a graphic as a hyperlink. For example, you can use a graphic as a navigation button that links to another page in your site. Or perhaps you can link a thumbnail version of an image to a larger version of the same image.

To turn a graphic into a hyperlink:

    1. Click the Normal tab in FrontPage Editor.

    2. Select the image by clicking on it.

    Select your image

    3. Click the Create or Edit Hyperlink button. This will open the Create Hyperlink dialog box.

    4. Select the web page you want to link to, then click OK.

Suppose I have a big picture and want different parts of the picture to link to different web pages. Do you think we can do something like that, Blip?



You know... I think we can. I read something about creating image maps with FrontPage.

Well, let's give it a try. I've got a class photo of the 6th Graders from Jefferson Elementary. Why don't we link each of the students in the photo to a description of their favorite activities.

Brilliant! This effect is going to land us top marks for our project.

Creating an image map
An image map is a large graphic that has different hyperlinked areas within it. These hyperlinks - known as hotspots - come in three different shapes: rectangle, circle or polygon. FrontPage provides you with tools to assign these shapes to your image map.

An image map is useful when you have many related categories in your web site. For example, imagine you are making a web site for your school and you want to devote one page to each grade. You could use a drawing that shows a cross-sectional view of a school with many rooms. Each room could be used as a hotspot that acts as a hyperlink to the page for each grade. Any image can be made into an image map as long as it is large enough to assign more than one hotspot.

To add a hotspot to a graphic:

    1. Select the graphic by clicking on it.

    2. Click the Polygon button Polygon button on the Image Toolbar.

    3. Place the cursor over the graphic. It will turn into a small cutting tool.

    4. Draw a shape around a section of the graphic by dragging and clicking your mouse over the graphic.

    Creating a hotspot

    5. Press the Enter key when you have drawn your hotspot shape. The Create Hyperlink dialog box will appear.

    6. Select the name of the web page you want to link to, then click OK.

    7. Click the Preview tab, then click on your new image map to check your linked hotspot.

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