Bookmarks 'R' Us


This web page of popular music is getting really long. We had better do something about it...

Maybe we can use a smaller font? Or break up the list and put it on several pages?


Oh, I have a better idea. We'll add bookmarks to our list. Those are links that you can use to jump to a new place on the same web page.

Creating a bookmark
A "bookmark" is a hyperlink that takes your visitor to a particular spot on your web page. This option is good when you have a long web page with many different categories of information. For example, if you have a web page containing poetry by 20 different students, you might want to bookmark the name of each student in a list at the top of the page. Then, you can jump straight to the work of Mary Student by clicking on her name. Without bookmarks, you would have to scroll down the entire page searching for her work.

Picture yourself as the guide for a lot of guests trying to find their way around. Use bookmarks to guide your visitors through your web site smoothly - making them as comfortable as possible, like a considerate host. You can bookmark the top of the page, so it's easy for your visitors to get back to where they started. You can also bookmark an index, a table of contents, a subheading and anything else that helps to organize your web site content.

The first step in making a bookmark is to select a target for the bookmark. The target is the spot you want your bookmark to jump to - like a heading or subheading.

    1. Click the Normal tab in FrontPage Editor.

    2. Use your mouse to select the heading or subheading you have chosen as your target.

    Select your target

    3. Click Edit on the Menu bar and select Bookmark. You will then see the Bookmark dialog box.

    Use this command to open the Bookmark dialog box

    4. Type the name of your bookmark in the Bookmark Name box, then click OK.

    Give your bookmark a name


Okay, we've got the bookmark set up, now we need to link to it.

Wow! I bet the folks reading this web page are realizing that FrontPage is easier than mandelbroting a cyberfractometer.


I kind of doubt that, since a cyberfractometer won't be invented for another 30 years.


Linking to a bookmark

    1. Insert the cursor into the text area in FrontPage Editor's Normal view. Then type: "Go to [the name of the target]". For example: "Go to Mary Student". This is the link that your visitors will click on to jump to the bookmark.

    Typing your bookmark link

    2. Use your mouse to select the text you just typed, then click on the Create or Edit Hyperlink button. This will open the Create Hyperlink dialog box.

    3. In the Create Hyperlink dialog box, find the file that contains your bookmark. Click the file name and it will appear in the URL box.

    The name of the file with the bookmark will appear in the URL box

    4. Click on the Bookmark drop-down list and select the name of your bookmark. Then click OK.

    Find the bookmark in the drop-down list

    5. Test your new bookmark in Normal view by holding down the CTRL key while clicking the new hyperlink.

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