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I just know that our web site will be a hit. Do you think we'll get e-mail from some of our visitors?



I sure hope so. We can make it easier for them to contact us by making an e-mail hyperlink. That way they can click on a link and e-mail us right away.

Funk-o-matic! Our visitors won't have to type our e-mail address, so they'll have lots of energy to rave about our site.

Creating an e-mail hyperlink
If you want to get feedback from your visitors, you can create a hyperlink that targets your e-mail address. When visitors click on your e-mail hyperlink, they can send you an e-mail message by writing in the e-mail pop-up box that is launched. This makes it easy for your visitors to send you questions or comments.

To create a hyperlink to your own e-mail address:

    1. Click the Normal tab in FrontPage Editor.

    2. Insert the cursor into the text area in FrontPage Editor's Normal view and type: "Contact me."

    3. Select the words "Contact me" using the mouse and click on the Create or Edit Hyperlink button. This will open the Create Hyperlink dialog box.

    4. Click the Make a Hyperlink that Sends E-mail button. The Create E-mail Hyperlink dialog box will appear. Type in your e-mail address and click OK.

    Creating your e-mail address

    5. Click OK in the Create Hyperlink dialog box.

    6. Click the Preview tab, then click on the "Contact me" text to check your new hyperlink.

    An e-mail message

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