Shifting Images


Our images are on the web page, but we'd better remember to save the files to our site.

I know that. I've been reading ahead, you know?


Saving an attached image
When you insert images into your web page, they aren't a permanent part of the site until each one is saved individually. When you save your images, FrontPage lets you rename the files, move them to different folders or choose not to save particular files with the rest of the web page you are saving.

To save your web page and new image files:

    1. Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar.

    2. If you have not yet saved the newly inserted images to your web site, a Save Embedded Files dialog box will appear. The box will list the files you have inserted. You can preview each image by clicking it and viewing it in the Image Preview window.

Preview images

    3. To keep things organized, it's a good idea to save all your images in one folder. By default, FrontPage will save images to the images folder in your web site.

    FrontPage will save images to this folder

    4. If you want to save the images to another folder, click the Change Folder button and select another folder in your web site.

    5. If you want to rename an image file, click the Rename button and type a new file name.

    Rename your image

    6. When you are done, click OK. The Save Embedded Files dialog box will close.


I've worked out a cool logo for our web page, and I think it would look great in the background of every page. But I really don't want to add it to each and every page - one at a time.



I've got you covered, Pixel. We can copy the same image to a new page. Here's how...

Copying an image to another page
You may sometimes want to put the same graphic image on more than one page - for example: a logo, a school crest or a cartoon character.

To copy an image from one page and paste it onto another:

    1. Select the image by clicking on it.

    2. Click Edit on the Menu bar, then click Copy.

    Select Copy from the Edit menu

    3. To open the new (or destination) page, click File on the Menu bar, then click Open.

    4. Select the new page or file name, then click OK.

Select a new page or HTML document

    5. In the newly opened web page, position the cursor where you want the image to appear.

    6. Click Edit on the Menu bar, then click Paste. The image will appear on the new page.

    Select Paste from the Edit menu

    7. Remember to save the page after you have copied the image to it.

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