Active Animations

You mentioned animation earlier. Are you talking Walt Disney? Scooby Doo? Please, fill us in. Your talents seem to know no bounds.

Well thank you, Sue. Just as you can import any image, you can import any animation.

But what if you're in a hurry? What if you don't have time to make your own animation? I'll be able to do my own animation when pigs fly.

Is that a challenge? With my library of animation effects, you can do all sorts of things easily. For example, I'm going to help you make a pig fly.

Adding your own artwork
When you animate an object, you add special visual or sound effects to it.

The following steps will show you how to animate a cartoon image while working in Slide View.

    1. Click the Slide View button to go to Slide View.

    2. On the slide, click the cartoon image to select it.

    3. On the Formatting Toolbar, click the Animation Effects button. The Animation Effects Toolbar will appear.

Animation Effects Toolbar

    4. On the Animation Effects Toolbar, click the Flying Effect button. The flying effect is now added to the image.

Flying Effect button

Animated image
Animated image

Another thing I can do is animate text. This is a great thing to do with titles and credits. For example, you can make text appear as if it is being typed letter by letter by a typewriter.

This is just blowing my mind. It looks like the title sequence from a movie or something!

Animating Text
Try adding the typewriter effect to text on your slide.

    1. In Slide View, select the text you want to animate by clicking it.

    2. On the Animation Effects Toolbar, click the Typewriter Text Effect button. The typewriter text effect is now added to the text.

Typewriter Effect button

Typing Titles
Typing Titles

Can you also animate charts?

You know it. This is really an effective tool. Let's say you're doing a chart on how the ozone layer has been depleted in the past 100 years. You can have the chart start in 1900, and reveal the depletion year by year. By the time you reach the present year, revealing depletion at it's worst, people will really understand your point.

Wow! What an impact. That ozone is heavy stuff. Does that mean I can't use hair spray?

Let's save that for another show. For today, let me show you how to animate the chart, instead.

Animating a chart
You can make charts more interesting by animating them. In a Slide Show, an unanimated chart appears onscreen all at once. When you animate a chart, the chart appears "bit by bit". You specify the way the elements of the chart will appear in the Custom Animation dialog box.

Try animating a chart so that the elements of the chart are introduced onscreen by category.

    1. In Slide View, click the chart you want to animate.

    2. On the Animation Effects Toolbar, click the Custom Animation button. The Custom Animation dialog box will appear.

Custom Animation button

    3. In the Introduce chart elements drop-down list, click by Category.

Introducing Chart elements

    4. Click OK. The Custom Animation box closes and the animation effect is applied to the chart.

Let's say I create this really cool sequence where my banner flies in, then my charts, then some text, then a flying pig. What happens if I want to change the order? What if I want the pig to fly in first?

Hey, you're the director and you get to make those choices. With PowerPoint you have complete control over animation order.

Changing animation order
Normally, the object that is animated first appears first, but you can rearrange the order. Here's what you do:

    1. Click the object you want to change. For example, the flying pig.

    2. On the Animation Effects Toolbar, click the drop-down list and select the number 1.

Animated image

Okay, I've reordered the animation. Now, how can I preview it to make sure it works right?

Previewing an animation
PowerPoint lets you preview animation settings for your current slide without running the entire slide show.

    1. In Slide View, go to the slide you want to preview.

    2. Click the Slide Show menu, then click Animation Preview.

Previewing an animation

A slide miniature appears in the upper right corner. It shows the full animation effects of the slide.

Minature Preview Slide

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