Smooth Slide Shows

Next question. When you finish your first draft of a presentation, what do you do next? Do you vacation in Europe? Do you start other presentations?

Not yet. First, I like to view the whole presentation in slide show form. This way, I can look at all the graphics, animation, effects, and so on--to get a good idea of how the presentation feels. Now is the time to tweak the presentation. It's what we in the entertainment biz call "screening the rough cut".

Watching the Slide Show
In a Slide Show, all the slides of your presentation are displayed in sequence. The Slide Show is controlled either automatically or manually.

You can preview the presentation you are working on at anytime by clicking the Slide Show button. If you have applied timings to all the slides in your show, the Slide Show runs automatically.

If you haven't applied timings to the slides, you must advance the slides manually.

Let's take a look at how you can preview a Slide Show by advancing the slides manually.

Note: You can start a Slide Show from any view--Slide Sorter View, Slide View, etc.

    1. Click the Slide Show button in the lower left corner of the PowerPoint window. The first slide of the show will appear.

Slide Show button

    Note: The slide show will start from whatever slide you are viewing when you click the Slide Show button.

      2. To advance to the next slide of the show, click the left mouse button. The next slide will appear onscreen.

      3. Continue clicking the left mouse button until the show is complete.

Advnancing to the next slide tip

What if you want to tweak a part of the slide show that is in the middle? Does that mean you have to watch the beginning over again?

Not at all. Follow these steps...

Starting the Slide Show somewhere in the middle

    1. In Slide Sorter View, click the slide you want the Slide Show to start with. For example, Slide 5.

Slide Show button

    2. Click the Slide Show button.

The Slide Show begins with the slide you selected.

What if you're viewing a Slide Show and you decide you want to stop the show? Maybe the bell has rung, or maybe you want to start the Slide Show from the beginning again.

Yeah, because maybe your partner missed it the first time because he is always late. Hint, hint, Jim.

Stopping the Slide Show
PowerPoint lets you stop the slide show for any reason. Follow these steps...

    1. Move the pointer on the screen and wait for the button to appear in the lower, left- hand corner of the screen.

Controlling your Slide Show button

    2. Click the button, and then click End Show. The show stops.

Ending your Show

Stopping your slide show tip

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