For the Week of April 23, 1996

More Info: Hong Kong students kicked out of Chinese preparatory committee meeting

Terms used in the story:

preparatory committee -- a 150-member group of people from China and Hong Kong who are discussing what the Hong Kong government will be like when China takes control of Hong Kong in 1997. (You can find more info on the takeover by visiting the NewsDEN link below.)

ushered -- led, guided

chandeliered -- A "chandeliered" room is lit by a "chandelier" -- which is a big, fancy light that hangs from a ceiling.

emblazoned -- brightly decorated

slogans -- sentences that are used often to give a message, like: "Save the whales" and "Freeze the fees"

abolish -- get rid of, do away with

legislature -- the part of a government that makes laws

brusquely -- quickly and rudely

bundled from the room -- lightly grabbed and pushed from the room -- not shoved, but not politely guided

sovereignty -- rulership, power

governance -- control, rule

circumscribed -- set out, limited

ejecting -- throwing out

consultation -- meeting to discuss ideas and decisions to be made

democracy -- a type of society in which all adults freely choose their political leaders by voting

dissent -- disagreement with the people in power

provisional legislature -- temporary law-making group

appoint -- choose

wooed and flattered -- To "woo and flatter" people is to suck up to them so you can get what you want from them.

tycoons -- a rich and important businessperson

business and financial elite -- a group of rich people who work in jobs related to business and money

thrived -- grown very successfully

benign colonial rule -- "Colonial rule," in this case, refers to Britain's rule of Hong Kong, which is due to end on July 1, 1997. "Benign" means mild and gentle -- not likely to stop the tycoons from making money.

cultivated -- made with special care

corridors of power -- opportunities to influence people with power

clamored -- loudly demanded

exclusion of dissident views -- keeping out anyone who disagrees with the government

secretariat -- office in charge of making plans and keeping records

bar association -- an organized group of lawyers

barristers -- lawyers who work in courtrooms

delegates -- a person who represents a group of other people at a meeting

exchanges -- conversations

chief executive -- head, boss, person in charge

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