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When you go to Web pages, IE5 saves them in a temporary folder called a "cache" - pronounced CASH. Then, when you return to these pages, you don't have to wait for them to load into your computer. Instead of the usual wait, you'll see the pages and images load very quickly. Why? Because the files are already in your computer - in the cache. You don't have to pull them one-by-one from the Internet.

But a cache can fill up. When this happens, pages do not load as quickly. You can speed things up again by cleaning the cache. When you "clean the cache," you delete all the Web page files that is stored in the cache.

To clean the cache:

1) Click Tools on the Menu bar and then choose Internet Options. The Internet Options dialog box appears.

2) Click the General tab.

3) Click the Delete Temporary Files button in the Temporary Internet Files section. The Delete Files dialog box appears.

Deleting Temporary Internet files.

4) Click OK in the Delete Files dialog box.

5) Click OK in the Internet Options dialog box.


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