Slippery Slides

Another question for ya. What if I need to change the order of my slides? For example, let's go back to that presentation on music bands. Suppose I want to change the order from alphabetical to chronological? If these were real slides, I'd lay them out on the carpet and sort them out. I bet you can't do that on a computer.

Actually, you can. It's called Slide Sorter View, and it's designed for viewing a lot of slides at once, and easily changing the order. And unlike laying your slides out on the carpet, there's no danger of your dog chewing up your slide of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Ooh, I hate when that happens!

Switching to Slide Sorter View
When you go to Slide Sorter View, you see miniatures of all the slides in the presentation, complete with text and graphics. This view is useful for rearranging slides, and for adding transitions to slides.

Slide Sorter View

There are two ways to switch to Slide Sorter View:

Click the Slide Sorter View button in the lower right area of the PowerPoint window.

Slide Sorter View button

Or, you can click the Slide Sorter tool in the Presentation Views Group in the View tab.

Slide View Tool

Okay, you've shown us how to view the slides in Slide Sorter View. How about the sorting part?

I was just getting to that...

Moving slides around
The Slide Sorter View is the easiest place to rearrange the order of your slides.

Let's say you have four slides in your presentation, and you decide that Slide 2 should really appear after Slide 3. Here's what you do to move the slides around:

    1. Click Slide 2 and hold down the mouse button. A small gray rectangle appears on the pointer as well as an orange vertical line to the right of Slide 2.

Gray Rectangle

    2. Drag the pointer to the slide's new position after Slide 3. The vertical line has now moved to after Slide 3. The line indicates where the slide will be moved to.

    3. Release the mouse button. Slide 2 is now positioned where Slide 3 was. Slide 2 also is numbered Slide 3 now; its number does not remain as number 2.

    Switched Slides

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