Tidy Templates

Now listen, I'm a talk show host, not a graphic artist. So how can I make sure my presentations look cool? Does the AutoContent Wizard have a spell for that?

As a matter of fact, he does. That spell is called a template, which is a pre-made presentation design that lays out the elements for you. I have lots of different templates to choose from.

Wait a minute. What if I don't want some pre-fab design? Or what if I want to change a design I like and make it even better?! Are you going to stifle the artist?

Not at all. You can customize the templates as much as you wish.

What is a Template?
A template, also called a presentation design, lets you create a presentation without worrying about design elements. The template defines the color, background, and font of the slides. PowerPoint has many templates, which you can preview and select in the New Presentation window.

PowerPoint also lets you customize the templates. For instance, you can change the background color or typeface of a template.

Okay, you've told us how groovy these templates are. Now can you show us how to make 'em?

Creating a presentation using templates
If you have just launched PowerPoint, click the Template option in the New Presentation window to start a new presentation.

Template button

If you are already working in PowerPoint, follow these steps:

    1. Click the File menu, then click New. The New Presentation window appears.

    2. Under Templates window, click "On my computer". The New Presentation dialog box will open. Click Design Templates tab or Presentation tab. Then select the template you wish to use.

Template designs

    3. Click OK. The New Presentation dialog box will close.

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