I always seem to be misplacing things--space goggles, rocket keys, galactic maps... Luckily, Outlook Express has a feature that practically guarantees I'll never lose a single e-mail message.

Searching for a message
Looking for a message can be as difficult as finding a satellite dish in an asteroid belt-- especially if you wrote that message long ago. No fear. Outlook Express has a handy tool to help you find misplaced messages.

To search for a message:

    1. In the Outlook Express window, click the Edit menu, then click Find Message. The Find Message dialog box will open.

    2. If you want to search in a specific folder, select the name of the folder from the Look in box.

You can also specify the folder to look in

    3. Set the criteria for your search. For example, if you are searching for a message sent by the school librarian on the subject of dinosaur bones:

    (a) In the From box, type the name of the sender (e.g. Emma Bookfan).

    (b) In the Subject box, type a few words that might appear in the message subject (e.g. dinosaur bones).

Tell Outlook Express what to look for

    4. When you're finished filling in criteria, click the Find Now button.

Select this button to start the search

Outlook Express will look for the message. Any messages that fit the criteria will be displayed at the bottom of the Find Message dialog box. If nothing is found, you will see 0 message(s) on the screen. If you want to start another search, click the New Search button. Happy hunting!