E-mail in a One-Computer Classroom

In an ideal digital world, every student would have a computer on their desk top. The reality, however, is the one-computer classroom. Fortunately, the Inbox Assistant in Outlook Express makes e-mail in a one-computer classroom bearable. This feature helps you check multiple e-mail accounts and sort incoming messages to separate folders.

Let's see what the Inbox Assistant can do in this classic, one-computer classroom.

Multiple Classes, One E-mail Account
Barbara is a high school English teacher. She has classes of 7th, 8th and 9th graders who rotate in and out of her one-computer classroom. Her students don't have individual e-mail accounts, but the school gave Barbara one e-mail address to use with her classroom computer.

Barbara is coordinating a collaborative story writing project for four of her classes. Her 7th and 8th graders are going to use Outlook Express to compose stories with partnered classrooms around the United States. How will Barbara manage the flow of e-mail messages with only one computer and one e-mail account?

The Inbox Assistant Solution

Barbara starts by creating four new folders in Outlook Express. She names them Block A, Block B, Block C and Block D. Barbara knows that each of the partnered classes will be using a unique e-mail address. So, she sets up the Inbox Assistant to look for these e-mail addresses. When the program spots one of the addresses in an incoming message, Barbara wants it to move the message to the appropriate folder.

Barbara has set up the Inbox Assistant to automatically sort incoming messages to separate folders. Now, when her Block C students check their e-mail, they simply click the Block C folder. Way to go, Barb!