office 2000presentation  
  A Licence to Learn
Max Ed! Ed! Guess what? Millennium to ED Quarters!
Ed Ouch! How many times do I have to tell you: DON'T YELL INTO YOUR VOICE TRANSCEIVER!
Max Sorry. So, anyway, everything is under control. I've shown Mrs. Lopez and her class how Office 2000 can help them create great presentations--both on and off the web.
Ed You did what? Showed them Office 2000? Where on earth did you get that? Hey, does it have anything to do with that little detour you made before this last assignment?
Max Let's just say I got it somewhere pretty special--but I can't tell you where. After all, good agents don't give up their sources, do they? And I am a good agent. Right, Ed?

Ed? Are you there…?

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