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We don't want you to miss anything in MathDEN so we've put together a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to describe what this is all about.

Who should use MathDEN?
Is your highschool math class too easy for you? Are you looking for practice questions to sharpen your math skills? Do you like to play with numbers? If you answered *yes* to any of these questions, then MathDEN is for you.

How often is MathDEN updated?
We present a new set of competition-level questions every Thursday, so be sure to add MathDEN to your bookmarks.

Where do I start?
From the MathDEN homepage, click on the Stage that best matches your math abilities. The Stages in MathDEN correspond roughly to these grades:
Stage 1 Grades 7 & 8
Stage 2 Grades 9 & 10
Stage 3 Grade 11
Stage 4 Grade 12

The questions in a Stage are too easy.
If you are finishing question sets within 20 minutes and achieving a score of 19/20, challenge yourself by moving up to the next Stage.

UGH! My Internet service provider charges by the hour!
If you're saving connect-time to check out Alanis Morrisette's Homepage, print the question set you want to complete and work on it off-line. After you have solved the questions on paper, log back into MathDEN and fill in the correct form buttons. Our computer won't know the difference!

What happens if I get a low score on a question set?
Our computer will post your name and score all over the Internet. Hee, hee. Actually, the only place where your score will appear is in your Personal Progress Report. It will track your first attempt at any question set. If you score really low on a question set, we do recommend that you go back and try the set again. However, the score you achieve in your second attempt will not be added to your Progress Report.

How do I keep track of the sets I have already done?
When you enter a Stage, you will see a directory of questions sets. Our computer marks off sets that you have already completed with a gold star.

Gasp! You found an error in MathDEN?
Okay, so geeks make mistakes, too. If you find an error in a question set or solution send an e-mail to techteam@testden.com. Be sure to tell Minus the question set, the level and the question or solution number where you found the error.

What is Math Challenge?
Math Challenge offers a new number and logic-based question each week. The solution is not always obvious, but after some twisting and tweeking, you'll probably come up with a creative answer. If you do, e-mail it to Minus, our resident math shark, and he'll decide who's got the tastiest morsel. We'll post Minus' five favourite solutions the following week.

What is Hot Math Tips?
Before the invention of the calculator, people did math in their heads. Get outta here?!! They did. And they probably used little tricks, like the ones you'll find in Hot Math Tips. This feature shows you how to use basic addition and multiplication skills to increase your calculating speed. It also gives you a Practice quiz to see if you've mastered the technique.

I want MORE!
We figured you would. That's why we've put together a list of links to take you to other great math sites. Check out Math on the Net and find Internet hideaways made for true number lovers.

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