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Math Puzzles and Fun Stuff

Java-enhanced Interactive Math Pages
It's cool, it's hot! See a Java kaleidoscope, a fractal lab, and more. Lots of clever, instructive applications.

Abacus: The Art of Calculating With Beads
A cool abacus demonstration using Java.

Math Puzzles and Jokes
Two pages of mathematical elephant jokes, the camel and the bananas problem, and othermaterial you were just dying to learn.

The Grey Labyrinth
This mystical-looking site leads you into a world of puzzles and mathematical philosophy.

Mathematical Games, Toys and Puzzles
The fun, the weird, and the misunderstood. Learn about various math games and peculiar mathematical facts and mathematicians.

Bluedog can count!!
Yes, a dog that can do math, and on the Internet to boot. Try this site if you're wired for sound.

Fun With Numbers: The Home Page
Find the square root of 9 to a whopping 250,000 places, and more. No really, it's fun.

Quadralay Cryptography Archive
Cryptography is one of math's hottest areas, and very applicable to theInternet age. Find out more at this comprehensive site.

The Prime Page
"The prime source for information about prime numbers."

Math Jokes
Mathematical humour. Yes, the jokes are groaners, but what did you expect?

Collection of math comic strips
Various math-related newspaper comic strips.

Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason
Try some logic puzzles that will furrow your brow and draw blood to your brain. You can also find introductions to such topics as truth tables, complex numbers, and introductory algebra.

MathSoft Puzzler
These math problems are elegant, but challenging. Answers to the archived problems are available, but see if you can solve the problem of the week.

Puzzle Archives
This is a very large archive of the USENET newsgroup rec.puzzles. Topics range from arithmetic to cryptology to logic and elsewhere over the mathematical and logical range. No easy fobs here!

PI Page
Yes, a whole page devoted to this fascinating number. Look carefully, and you'll actually find a joke or two. Read about Pi through the ages, and consider joining the Club for People who Have Memorized 1,000 Digits of Pi. You can even view Pi to a million places if you so desire.

This Is Mega- Mathematics!
Math ideas are presented in a fun new light, from the folks at Los Alamos National Laboratory (where the first atomic bomb was conceived). No explosions here, but you can read and learn about the mathematics of map-colouring, graph theory, knot theory, the nature of infinity, and more. Some of the material is geared for younger kids, but teenagers and adults will also find much of interest.

Clever Games for CleverPeople
Most of these ideas are for 2 or more players, a sometimes welcome change from your solitary mathematical endeavours. Try Stop-Gate, Coin-Strip, Money-Bags, and more. The concepts are easy, but becoming an expert is not.

Knot Theory Page
Sounds simple? Knot theory can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Try your brain on some knot-colouring puzzles, straightening out tangled-up ropes, and other challenging mental workouts. Simple and engaging graphics.

Ivar Peterson's MathlandColumns
From the Mathematical Association of America, these easy-to-understand essays apply math to football defence, chess, and everyday life.

Fractals, Geometry, and Wallpaper

Geometry Center
Interactive web/java applications, software you can download, geometry videosand more.

Geometry in Action
Learn the practical applications of geometry in many different fields, frommanufacturing to astronomy to typography.

Virtual Polyhedra Museum
This site has over 700 virtual polyhedra to examine. The artwork is very elegant.

Mathematical movies
Movie files of various mathematical shapes and math in VRML.

Mathematical visualizations and animations
Animations of the Klein bottle, cellular automata, hyperbolic geometry and more.

Mandelbrot and Julia Set Explorer
This site has an interactive form so you can make your own Mandelbrot set.

Gorgeous mathematical knots created by a program that visualizes and manipulates in three or four dimensions.

The Geometry Junkyard
Much better than the title indicates. This site has links to all manner of geometry tutorials from simple to very complicated.

Introductory Fractal Tutorial
This provides a solid introduction to fractals and is aimed at the intelligent high-school student. It is understandable, but not condescending. Try the calculator experiment.

Exploring Chaos and Fractals
This site includes portions of a hypermedia textbook. The Overview provides an excellent, intuitive discussion of chaos, particularly as it relates to natureand current events. As Spock would say, "Fascinating."

Fractal pictures & animations
Find Mandelbrot pictures and animations, a Mandelbrot fractal explorer, and the Fractal FAQ. What's Mandelbrot? Suffice to say it means a LOT of stunning pictures (and movies). Learn some theory and take in some art. Also available in French.

Spanky Fractal Database
Fractal databases, fractal programs, fractal images, and just about everything you would want to know about fractals. Includes the related subjects of Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics. Expect beautiful pictures and animations here, and lots of information too. Be sure to check out what's newin the world of fractals.

Famous Curves Page
Does the Witch of Agnesi haunt your dreams? Tormented by the Devil's Curve? This site has more curves than a fast-pitch pitcher, and probably more than you ever thought existed. Simple and elegant graphics.

A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry
This gallery has a dazzling array of lovely mathematical shapes. Symmetry is beautiful. Also, don't miss the games and tutorials. Build a Rainbow, Compute Curves, Interact with a Conic, and play Pinball in Negatively-Curved Space.

Mathematical Wallpaper
Mathematics and interior decorating all at once. Plane symmetry groups produce amazingpatterns.

Mathematics Archives - Images andMathematics
Get your own math screen savers, watch math movies and animations, be entranced by chaos and fractals, and see more pictures of more math than you would ever imagine. The art of Escher, recursive art, genetic art, and more.Dozens of stunning sites.

The MATLAB Gallery.
There is no end to how mathematics can be transformed into visual beauty. Amazing representations of some famous shapes in mathematics, plus some that are less well- known.

Math Art
Another stunner. Scenes from a gallery presentation at Simon Fraser University.

Educational Resources

Math Forum
This site features an "Ask Dr. Math" online Q & A feature, as well as many helpful resources for math students and teachers. Great presentation.

Math Lessons on the Internet
A collection of Internet math lessons, from personal finance to vector calculus.

Combinatorial Objects Server
This interactive site helps you about combinatorial objects and discrete mathematics in a fun and engaging manner.
Finite Math and Calculus for the Real World
Excerpts from a textbook, with quizzes and other resources.

Calculus graphics
With colourful graphs, concise explanations, and animations, you can learn about bouncing balls, calculating the volume in a tipped glass, intersecting cylinders, and 8 other fascinating subjects.

National Education Supercomputer Program (NESP) Home Page
How much do you know about programming supercomputers? You're sure to learn more if you follow the tutorials on this page. There are lessons about Climate Modeling, Ray Tracing, Molecular Modeling, and more. Not for the faint of heart, but where and how else would you learn this type of thing?

Nerd World: Mathematics
Problem-solving techniques, memory and brain improvers, lots of advanced subjects,and more.

Math materials, programs, and projects from around the globe
The set of comprehensive archives. Numerous organizations have put together math lessons and math curricula, and you can find most of them here. Helpful for both students and teachers.

NASA's Educational Resources
Want a basic aeronautics tutorial? You can find information on space settlements, as well as other topics you would expect from NASA. This site also has comprehensive educational curricula for Grades 6-12, all space-related, of course.

Frequently Asked Questions in Mathematics
Some advanced topics, some simple topics, and some nice graphics. Find out about Fermat's Last Theorem, the Four Color Theorem, and other hot mathematical topics.

Math Software

Jumbo! - Home & Personal, Windows, Mathematics Programs
Algorithms, data-fitting, graphing, and more. Good presentation and lots of programs.

OAK Software Repository
Use the search mechanism to find math programs, or any other topic in which you might be interested. You will find math puzzles, signal processing, Fourier transforms, and other programs ranging in topic from mundane arithmetic to advanced theory.

Wolfram Research
Makers of Mathematica. This useful commercial software product is handy for graphs and calculations.

Makers of MathCAD, Maple, and other commonly used mathematical software packages.Lots of interesting math-related information and puzzles here also.

More advanced mathematical software products, and other useful information and links.

The History of Mathematics

The History of Mathematics, as seen on the Web
You can find hypermedia programs about Renaissance mathematicians and scientists like Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo. You can find on-line math history texts and links to numerous interesting places. A perfect example of old meeting new.

The History of Mathematics Archive
This site contains biographies, chronologies, mathematicians of the day, numerous mathematical topics, and more. A handy search mechanism lets you find exactly what you want. Topics range from the Babylonians and Egyptians, through to Fermat and Einstein, and up to present day.

Mathematical Quotation Server
Gain wisdom or at least have fun with this fully searchable and comprehensive index of quotations from famous mathematicians."Euclid alone has looked on beauty bare."

Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Women CAN do math, as this site indicates.

Advanced Math Topics

Erdos for Kids - Unsolved Math Problems
Maybe you can solve some of mathematics' famous unsolved problems. Read a clear discussionof these brain-bending problems, including the history and lore surrounding them. More than enoughchallenge for any adult, teen or child.

Mathematics and Molecular Modelling
Molecular biology is a hot field right now. Hypermedia textbooks for all levels, and lots of mathematical modelling resources.

Calculus Problem of the Week
Lots of challenging calculus problems for industrious students.

Math Pages
Over 300 scholarly articles on various mathematical topics, from number theory to mathematicalphysics.

Fermat Project
As near as most of us will ever get to understanding the famous Fermat's Last Theorem.Videos and images seek to explain how one of math's longest-running problems was finally solved.You can even get the T-shirt.

College Course at the University of Pennsylvania
A thorough and rigourous course combining college-level calculus, physics, and chemistry into one integrated whole. Instructive lectures and challenging problem sets.

Advanced studies of Calculus, Geometry, Number Theory, Statistics, Topology, and other math subjects. Also, links to many mathematical department servers around the world.

A Catalog of Mathematics Resources
Mathematics servers all over the world, mathematical physics resources, and lots of scholarly mathematical topics.

Entropy on the WWW
Ever feel like everything's falling apart? Learn more about entropy, informationtheory, randomness and more at this informative site. This page is packed with information and with lots of links to other scholarly sites.

Collection of mathematical tables, theorems, and proofs from algebra to advanced calculus
From the simple to the complex, this site will give you definitions and explanations for most math topics you need to know about. Many topics are illustrated with simple graphs. A well-organized place with its own search engine.

Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics
What are the "196-algorithm" and "Zarankiewicz's Conjecture"? Get brief definitions of these and hundreds of other advanced concepts at this very helpful site.

World-wide Operations Research and Management Science is not a phrase which comes tripping off the tongue. But this site is funny, conversational, and with lots of clever, easy-to-load cartoons.The pages featuring Java and Javascript will teach you a thing or two aboutgame theory and famous linear programming problems.

UTK Mathematical Life Sciences Archives WWW Server - Home Page
Math and Biology are not always considered together. But here you will learn about both when you look at the features on Artifical Life, Complex Systems, genetics and many other subjects found at this site. Check the tutorials and on-line databases.

Level Set Methods
Advanced applied mathematics topics. You can see movies of the mathematics ofsoap bubbles, curvature collapse, and more. Interactive Javascripts allow you to interact with the mathematics.

Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
This gets very complicated very quickly, but it is an excellent site for advanced study of combinatorics.

"Knot a Braid of Links"
The web page of the Canadian Mathematical Society. Well-designed and a pleasureto view.