Practice Report

    To add a clip art image to your Web site:

    1) Place the cursor on the page.

    2) Click Insert on the Menu bar and select Picture, then Clip Art. The Clip Art Gallery dialog box appears.

Add a picture from the Clip Art Gallery.

    3) Click the Pictures tab. A group of picture categories appears.

    4) Click the category of your choice. A group of pictures appears.

    5) Click the picture you want to add. A drop-down list of buttons appears.

    6) Click the Insert Clip button.

Go, ship, go!

    TIP: Some people shut off their image display when they visit Web sites - which means they see only text and no pictures. Not everyone wants to see pictures because it takes longer to download a page that contains them. For these visitors, you can provide alternative text in place of the images - like a title that tells them what the picture is.

    NOTE: Alternative text also makes your Web site accessible to the blind or visually impaired. These visitors use screen readers that will look for the alternative text and describe the images to them.

    To add alternative text to an image:

    1) Place the pointer on the image and right-click your mouse button. A pop-up menu appears.

    2) Click on Picture Properties. The Picture Properties dialog box appears.

Right-click your mouse button to open the menu.

    3) Click the General tab.

    4) Type the alternative text into the Alternative Representations text box.

Be descriptive.

    5) Click OK in the Picture Properties dialog box.

Yes, you're reading alternative text right now!

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