Practice Report

    You need to "publish" your Web site before other people can see it on the Internet.

    While you were creating your site, you saved your Web documents on your own computer. To "publish" your site means to transfer these same documents onto a Web server. A Web server is a high-powered computer that places Web site files onto the Internet. Once your files are on the Web server, other computers can 'connect' to the Web server and retrieve your files for viewing.

Other computers can retrieve files from the Web server.

    Publishing your Web site not only allows you to share it with the public, but it also lets you check out how your forms and databases work.

    Your school may have its own Web server. If not, you'll have to find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that will publish your Web site on its server. An ISP is a company that provides Internet access and rents space for people's Web site files.

An ISP can rent you space on their Web server.

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