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Let's see. 32KB plus 40KB, plus 70KB, equals...

What are you doing now, Blip?


Adding up the size of our web site. Ms. Grzlber said she wanted our project to be under 10 megabytes.

You crazy doppler. FrontPage can tally up the size of your web site for you.

Finding an ISP or Web Host for Your Web Site
With many different ISPs for you to choose from, you'll want to consider a few things before making your decision. For example, how much will an ISP charge to store your web site documents on their Web server?

You may also want to find out how much customer support an ISP will provide. It's very convenient, and often very important, if you can phone your ISP and get instant assistance from a customer support representative.

You'll probably want to shop around to see who will offer you a good deal and lots of helpful advice. When you do, the sales representatives for the ISPs will ask you a few questions to determine the services that you will need. FrontPage can help you collect the answers to their questions so you can "talk the talk".

How big is your site?
The "size" of your site refers to the total amount of file space that will be taken up by all the documents on your site - including images, sounds, video and any other multimedia effects. This file size is measured in kilobytes (KB), which contain 1,000 bytes. File size is also measured in megabytes (MB), which contain 1,000 kilobytes.

Since you'll be renting space for your web site documents on the ISP server, you'll be charged a space fee. This fee is based on the total amount of file space that your documents will occupy on the ISP server.

When you're shopping around for an ISP, you need to tell your potential web hosts how big your site is. That way, it'll be easier for them to quote you a rental fee, which will generally be charged on a per-month basis.

To check the total size of your web site:

    1. Open your web site in FrontPage Explorer.

    2. Click All Files on the Views toolbar.

    All Files button

    3. Calculate the size of the web site by adding the numbers in the Size column.

Adding up your totals


What's that weird device you're holding to your ear, Blip?

It's called a cell phone. It's an old-fashioned communication device used before the advent of the mental phone.


Great! I guess you're using the phone to call our ISP. We should make sure their web server has the FrontPage extensions that our web site needs.

Actually, I was ordering some delicious 20th Century pizza. But I can call our ISP if you want, too.

Inquiring about FrontPage server extensions
"Server extensions" are like special mini-programs that a server needs to interpret the computer code FrontPage has used to create all your web site options. Your ISP server must have FrontPage server extensions installed so that all parts of your web site are available to your visitors. They are especially important if you have included forms or a hit counter on your web site.

You'll need to find out if your Internet server supports FrontPage server extensions - but you can't get this information from your own computer. You'll need to ask your ISP or the administrator in charge of your school's server.

NOTE: If you have used FrontPage 98 to create your web site, make sure you specify this. FrontPage 97 uses different server extensions - so your Internet server must have the 98 extensions installed.

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