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Pixel, we better check all our hyperlinks. We want to make sure they work.

Good idea. There's nothing that says "I'm a lame web site" quite like links that don't go anywhere. It's like having a door in your home that opens to a brick wall. Or a treasure hunt with no treasure at the end. Or a--


I get the idea, Pixel.

Checking hyperlinks
A hyperlink is meant to link your visitor to a particular target. If you don't have the hyperlink identified correctly, it's like giving your visitors the wrong phone number or address. Instead of seeing what you have planned for them, your visitors will see a message that tells them the page they are looking for does not exist. So, if you want to be a good web site host, you'll want to make sure you send your visitors to the right places.

You can check your hyperlinks in FrontPage Explorer. Here's how:

    1. Open one of your web pages in FrontPage Editor.

    2. Move to FrontPage Explorer and click Hyperlinks on View toolbar.

    Selecting the Hyperlinks view

    3. To check the hyperlinks for each page, click on the file name found on the left side of the Hyperlinks View. In the right side, you will see a map graphic showing how that page is linked to the rest of your web site.

Checking out all your links

    4. Click the file name for each web page to see its corresponding graph.

NOTE: You must be connected to the Internet to check the hyperlinks on any of your pages that link to sites outside your own, on the World Wide Web.

You can also test specific hyperlinks. Here's how:

    1. Select a file by clicking it in FrontPage Explorer.

    2. Click the Verify Hyperlinks button on Explorer's Standard toolbar. You will see the Verify Hyperlinks dialog box.

    The Verify Hyperlinks button

    3. Select the Verify Selected Hyperlinks radio button and click the Start button on the Verify Hyperlinks dialog box.

    Specify that you want to check selected hyperlinks

It's also a good idea to check our spelling one last time before we publish. We don't want to spell cappucino as cappuccino or the toy Furby as Firby. Ms. Grzlber takes marks off for spelling, you know.


Checking all spelling
To check all the spelling on your web site:

    1. Click the Cross File Spelling button on Explorer's Standard toolbar. The Spelling dialog box will appear.

    This is the 'Cross File Spelling' button

    2. Select the All Pages radio button and click Start in the Spelling dialog box.

    Select this radio button to check the spelling on all web pages

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