What is a Form?


A "form" is a special tool used to collect information from our web site visitors. We can survey their tastes and attitudes, test their knowledge, and have them tell us what it's like to be a kid in the 90's.

We can even use forms to charge them money for visiting our web site. We'll be rich! Oooo... and I won't have to go to cyber-college.


Calm down, Pixel. This is a school project and I don't think our teacher Ms. Grzlber would appreciate us ripping off people in the past. Besides, one of them might be your great great great great grandparent.

Defining forms
Forms are special tools used to collect information from your web site visitors. They allow you to conduct surveys and tests, collect names and addresses, order products and much more. By using forms, you can collect all kinds of information by asking questions similar to those you would find on a multiple-choice questionnaire.


There are five different types of form fields to choose from, each suited for getting different types of information. For example, "Gender" may be best answered with a radio button while "Hobbies" could use a checklist so people can have more than one answer.

Defining form fields
"Form fields" are info-gathering options placed on a web page. There are five main types: radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down menus, one-line text boxes and scrolling text boxes. Each type has its own special characteristics and is useful for gathering particular types of information. Your visitors enter information into these fields by typing text or clicking an answer choice.

To start creating the form, let's activate the Forms Toolbar. Blip, can you do it? You're closer to the mouse.


Activating the Forms Toolbar
To activate the Forms Toolbar:

    1. Click View on the Menu bar and select Forms Toolbar. It will appear in the top right corner of the Format Toolbar.

    Activate the Forms Toolbar

Each of these six buttons gives you a different way to collect information from your web site visitors.

The Forms Toolbar

Creating a form
Let's make a form that you can use to find out about the people visiting your web site.

A good way to start your form page is with a short sentence that invites visitors to use your form. For example:

Please take a few moments
to tell us about yourself.

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