Nesting Tables


Okay. Our table is working out well, but I want to push the limits. What do you think about putting a table inside a cell?

A table inside a table? Now you're making my head explode. Okay, let's try it.


Putting a table within a table
You can place a table into a cell - creating a table within a table. You may want to do this if you have a very complex graphic layout and need to align objects in particular way. Nested tables are also helpful if you need to add more white space to one particular cell.

To place a table within a table:

    1. Place the cursor in the cell into which you want to add a table.

    2. Click the Table button on the Standard toolbar.

    3. You will see a drop-down grid. Select the number of columns and rows you want by holding down your left mouse button and moving the pointer down and to the right. A table will appear when you let go of your mouse button.

    Put a table within a table

NOTE: Putting a table within a cell can make cell alignments and attributes much more complex - so be prepared to experiment. It's also a good idea to see what your table looks like in a few different browsers. Even different versions (i.e. Version 3, 4, or 5) of the same browser may present nested tables differently.

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