Hyperlinks are a magic way you can jump from one web page to another. It's how you "surf the web". If you don't have any hyperlinks to your web page, you're not going to get many viewers.

Yeah. Without links, we would get fewer hits than the "Navel Lint" web site.


Defining hyperlinks
A "hyperlink" is a special part of a web page that instantly links you to another web page with a simple click of the mouse button. The expression "surfing the Net" actually refers to the experience of jumping from one page to another using hyperlinks. A hyperlink can take you to a new web site or to a different part of the web site you are visiting. Hyperlinks can also activate e-mail boxes that go directly to a web host's e-mail address.

Your personal web site already has some hyperlinks in it. To see how they work:

    1. Open a web page in FrontPage Editor and click on the Preview tab.

    2. Click on one of the links to another page. Then when you get to a new page, click on another link just to see how your pages are connected to one another.

Try some hyperlinks in your web site


Okay, we have a web page on homework in the 90's. I want to link that to a web page about how today's generation of kids are the first real computer generation. How do I tell the link to go there?



By targeting the link.

Targeting links
By definition, every hyperlink must connect to another location. The target location can be another web site, another page within your web site, or even another location on the very same page. This means that before you create a hyperlink, you need to know the target. Targets are usually file names of pages within your web site or web addresses called URLs - which stands for "Uniform Resource Locator."

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