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There are two types of graphic files. GIFs and JPEGs. They both have pros and cons. GIFs allow transparent backgrounds and are good when an image only has a few colors.

Perfect for a cartoony character or a banner title.


JPEGs often take longer to download, but can handle more colors.

Which is better for photographs - like that picture of Blip getting a tattoo and an eyebrow piercing.

In your dreams, Pixel.

Defining web graphics
All graphic images appearing in web sites must be saved in special image files that can be recognized by Internet browsers. These files come in two file formats: GIFs and JPEGs. FrontPage can convert many different types of graphic images into either of these file types.

There are three main differences between GIFs and JPEGs:

    1. A GIF file can interlace, which means when your web site visitors are waiting for the image to load into their computers, they will see a blurry image slowly fading into view. A JPEG does not interlace, which means visitors will see a blank page as the image slowly loads line-by-line from top to bottom.

    2. With a GIF file, the background of an image can be made transparent so the image looks like it is floating on your web page. A JPEG file does not have this transparency option.

    3. While a GIF can display up to 256 colors, a JPEG can display millions.

Which one should you use?

JPEGs are often used for photo images when you want to have a wide range of realistic-looking colors. However, the trade-off for this higher quality color is that it takes longer for your web site visitors to see the image. GIFs are used more commonly - but the choice is up to you.


Before you start adding images, you need to activate the Image Toolbar. Here's how...

How about just a small tattoo?


Forget it, Pixel.

Activating the Image Toolbar
To begin your work with images, you will need to activate the Image toolbar.

    1. Click View on the Menu Bar.

    2. Select Image Toolbar.

    Activate the Image Toolbar

    3. The Image Toolbar will be activated.

    The Image Toolbar

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