Finishing Touches

Hey, Blip! Don't forget - we'd better save our web page. We don't want to do all this work over again if our computer crashes.


Saving your page

    1. Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar.

It's so easy to save your web page. ** So, do it often! **

Hey, can we preview what we've done so far?



We've barely even started! But you're right. Previewing is a good idea. We want to make sure that what we've done so far looks good when we put it on the World Wide Web.

As long as we use my artwork, it will look terrific. Trust me.

Previewing your page
When visitors visit your web site, they will look at it through an Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. When viewed through these browsers, your page will look somewhat different than it does in FrontPage Editor.

There are two ways to preview what your visitors will see:

    Option 1. Click the Preview tab at the bottom of the screen. The broken lines dividing your web page will disappear. This view is similar - but not exactly the same - to what your web site visitors will see.

    Click the Preview tab

    Option 2. Click the Preview button on the Standard toolbar. This action will open your Internet browser and display your web page in it. This option gives you the most accurate view of what your web site visitors will see.

Click the Preview button to view your page in a web browser

Okay, I'm done. I've just typed a short introduction to our web site. Can we go to the mall now?



Good job, Pixel, but you'd better run the Spell Checker. Some of those words don't look right. For example, view should be spelled V-I-E-W, not V-E-I-W.

Aww... so spelling isn't my strong suit. Isn't that why FrontPage has a Spell Checker?

Checking your spelling
FrontPage Editor has a spell checker that can be used on all your web pages. To check your spelling:

    1. Click the Check Spelling button on the Standard toolbar.

    Do some spell checking using this button

    2. If the program finds a word that is not in its dictionary, a Spelling dialog box will appear showing you a list of similar words. Click on the word you want to use, then click the Change button in the Spelling dialog box.

    Select a word from the Suggestions list

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