Let's Get Started


Okay, first we need to create our FrontPage web site. We'll call ours "Kids Today".

Creating a web site
To create a new FrontPage web site:

    1. Open FrontPage Explorer. You will see the Getting Started dialog box which contains all the web sites you have already created. If you have never created one, this box will be empty.

    2. Click the Create a New FrontPage Web radio button, then click the OK button in the Getting Started dialog box.

    Creating a New Frontpage

    3. The New FrontPage web dialog box will appear. Here is where you choose and name the type of web you want to design.

    4. Click the From Wizard or Template radio button and then click on Personal Web.

    Setting up Your Personal Web

    5. Type a name for your web site into the text box that appears.

    Enter the name of your New Web

    Click the OK button in the New FrontPage Web dialog box. You will notice the FrontPage Server is launched at this time.

    6. Type your FrontPage name and password into the text box that appears and click OK.

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