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Education is undergoing a progression from traditional curricula to innovative and interactive learning. ACT360° Media Ltd. is addressing this issue by providing quality content and new methods of interaction through actDEN (Digital Education Network). With actDEN, teachers and parents can access timely content for classroom or home use, and introduce students directly to the Internet education experience.

actDEN currrently offers seven software tutorials, produced in conjunction with Microsoft K-12 Education, and seven exciting DEN courses. Each tutorial and online course offers up-to-date information and interactive features that encourage students to learn, think, and participate in the online community.

Software Tutorials
Internet Explorer 5 - this popular browser is better than ever
Internet Explorer 4 - get your class surfing the Web
Outlook Express - learn tips and tricks for using e-mail
PowerPoint 98 - enhance projects with presentation software
FrontPage 2000 - make Web sites in a flash
FrontPage 98 - introduce students to Web publishing
Office 2000 - classroom uses for this powerful software suite
Powerpoint 2003 - COMING SOON

Online Courses
TestDEN - prepares students for the TOEFL test
WritingDEN - teaches students how to write effectively
SkillsDEN - sheds new light on information technology
- introduces students to cool digital art
SkyDEN- offers a visually stunning introduction to astronomy
MathDEN - presents challenging math problems
NewsDEN - presents current events in exciting new ways


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