Voyaging Video

Well, our time is almost up. Do you have any final words?

Let me also mention that I can convert your presentation to video. That's another great way to distribute a presentation. For example, suppose you want to present something at your school but they don't have a computer free. If you put your presentation on video, you can just pop the tape into a VCR.

Now we know what to do next time there's nothing good to rent at the video store. We can watch PowerPoint presentations on video.

Ya, that's right! And with my videos there aren't any late return fees!

Transferring your presentation to a video tape
You can transfer your presentation to a video tape using a VGA to video converter. These special converters are independent machines that join your computer to a VCR. There are many different brands and models available, with prices ranging from $100 to $3,000.

It's best to follow the instructions that come with the converter. But just to show you how easy it is, here are the steps for connecting a converter called AVerKey Plus to a VCR.

    1. Turn off your computer, television and VCR.

    2. Take the VGA output cable out of your computer and attach it to the VGA OUT port on the back of the converter.

    3. To see the video displayed on both your computer and television screen, plug the converter's VGA cable into the VGA IN port on the back of the converter. Then, plug the other end into the VGA OUT port on your computer.

    4. Take the black video cable and plug it into the TV OUT port on the converter. Then attach the other end to the VIDEO IN port on your VCR.

    5. If your PowerPoint presentation has sound clips or effects, you can transfer them to video, too. Simply plug audio cables into your computer's audio output jacks, and attach the other end to the audio input jacks on your VCR.

    6. Turn on all of the machines. Open your PowerPoint program.

    7. Insert a video tape into your VCR, then press Record on the machine. Run the presentation on your computer.

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