Portable Print

What if Billy wants to use handouts in his presentation, to help his audience follow along? Or what if he wants to send it to his grandma in Iowa and she doesn't have a computer?

No problem. I can print out the presentation for handouts. And Billy can fax it to his grandmother. Or send it in the mail. We all love to get mail.

Isn't that the truth? With all this new techonology, it's still nice to read mail.

Printing your presentation
PowerPoint lets you print the whole presentation or just selected slides. It also lets you choose what slide contents to print. For example, you can print the slides with or without the animations. If you are printing handouts, you can specify how many slides are included in a page. And if you want, you can print just the speaker's notes or your presentation outline.

Follow these steps to print your presentation.

    1. Click the File menu, and then click Print. The Print dialog box will open.

Selecting the Print command

    2. To print all the slides in your presentation, click All.

    3. In the Print what list box, select what slide contents you want printed.

Printing options

    4. In the Number of copies list box, enter the number of copies you want printed.

    5. Click OK to print the presentation.

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