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Add Lables Quiz 6 Style

You can also add or remove buttons - depending on how often you use them. You may want to delete a button if you never use its associated feature. You may want to add a button if you start doing something you haven't done before - like searching for information on the Internet.

To add or remove buttons:

1) Position the pointer over the Standard Toolbar.

2) Click your right mouse button (the button on the right side of the mouse). A pop-up menu appears.

3) Click Customize. The Customize Toolbar dialog box appears.

Choose the Customize option from the pop-up menu.

4) To add a button, click one of the choices in the Available Toolbar Button section and click Add.

Add a button in the Customize Toolbar dialog box.

5) To delete a button, click one of the choices in the Current Toolbar Button section and click Delete.


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