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The World Wide Web contains a huge amount of information on just about anything and everything. There are many ways to search for this information and IE5's Search Button makes it really easy to find what you're seeking. All you do is type in what you're searching for, and you'll get a list of links that will take you to the information you want.

To search for information using the Search Button:

1) Click the Search Button on the toolbar. The Search window opens on the left side of the screen.

2) Click the Find a Web page radio button at the top. A one-line search box appears.

3) Click in the search box and then type "classroom tutorials" - or whatever it is you want to find.


4) Click the Search button. A list of possible matches appears in the window. Search

Matching web page search

5) Click on one of the matches. The Web site appears in the main IE5 window. The list of links remains in the Search window on the left.

6) To go to a different Web site in the list, click another match.
TIP: To start a new search, click the New button in the Search window.

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