page eight
To create realistic looking drop shadows in PSP Version 4.0, you need to carefully select the object. Here's a clever method of selecting an object on a plain background.
Go to the Library and locate mask.gif. Save the image to your computer. Open the image and increase the colour depth to 16 million colours.

Use the Magic Wand to select the white area outside the mask. The white areas in the eyes of the mask can be added to the selection. Simply hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard while simultaneously clicking the inside of the mask's eyes with the wand.

We have selected the white background of the image. Now we want to reverse the selection so that only the mask is selected. From the menu bar, choose Selections - Invert.

With the mask perfectly selected, choose Image - Special Effects - Add Drop Shadow from the menu bar to open the Drop Shadow control panel. Set the desired properties of your shadow and select OK to apply the shadow to the mask.

Clever, n'est pas?