page seven
The remainder of this lesson will show you how to use the drop shadow function in PSP Version 4.0.

First, let's add a shadow to some text. Create a new canvas and use the Text Tool to apply text to the canvas. Be careful not to deselect the text yet.

Set the background colour to the colour you want to use for the shadow.
With the text still selected, choose Image - Special Effects - Add Drop Shadow from the menu bar. This will open the Drop Shadow Control Panel.
The Control Panel allows you to set the characteristics of the shadow. You can change the colour, the blurriness, the opacity, and the position of the shadow.

The slide controls allow you to position the shadow precisely where you want it. The window next to the slide controls gives you an idea of where your shadow will be relative to your object. Notice how our shadow will be down and to the right of the text.

Select OK and PSP instantly applies a shadow to your text.