page four
Let's try applying a drop shadow to a picture.

Go to GraphicsDEN's library and locate badge.jpg. Save the picture to a directory on your hard drive. You will need to save the image as a JPEG.

Open the image in PSP and increase its colour depth to 16 million colours mode. (Several functions in this lesson will only work in 16 million colours mode.)

Enlarge the image canvas by selecting Image - Enlarge Canvas from the menu bar. Set the width to 356 pixels and the height to 207 pixels, doubling the size of the canvas. Do not check the Center Image box. We want the badge positioned to one side of the canvas so we can work on the other side.
Next, we need to make a copy of the badge image for the shadow. Use the Rectangle Select Tool to select the badge. Copy the badge and Paste the second image to the right of the original.