The biggest puzzle in the universe, is the universe itself. While gazing at the glittering stars on a clear night, you might ask yourself: Why are the stars there? Why are we here? How did all of this come into existence? This DEN takes you on a journey to find the answers to these questions.

The first part of the journey takes you from where we are to as far as our eyes can see. You will find that our universe is much richer than the night sky reveals. The stars are not in the disorder that they appear to be. Instead, they are grouped into galaxies, which are in turn grouped into clusters and superclusters.

The second part of the journey takes you into areas that scientists are still working to discover. You will find answers to how the universe began and how the galaxies formed. Many of these answers are still theories, but because they are so widely accepted, they are often considered the best answers available.

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