Dashing Disk

This brings us to another very important question. If Billy has a presentation in history class, does he have to lug his family computer to school? What if Mom needs it the same day for a presentation of her own?

That's when packing a presentation comes in.

Is the presentation going on a trip?

You've got it. Packing means putting the whole presentation on a CD, which allows you to do your presentation on any other computer (with the right configuration). A school computer, for example. Here are the steps...

Packing your presentation
You can easily pack your presentation on a disk using PowerPoint's Save as CD feature. The feature packs your presentation, as well as software necessary to run the program. You then copy the presentation to the computer you will be using to run your presentation.

If the destination computer doesn't have PowerPoint, it will be able to display your presentation. Your presentation will play on a computer running at least Windows 98 2nd Edition system software.

Follow these steps to pack your presentation:

    1. Insert a disk CD into your CD drive.

    2. Open the presentation you want to pack.

    3. Click the File menu, then click Package for CD. The Package for CD dialog box appears.

Selecting Pack and Go fromthe File menu

    4. Click Copy to CD. 

Active Presentation window

The Package for CD feature compresses your presentation and copies it to your blank CD.

Saving Your Presentation tip

Okay, packing a presentation sounds pretty easy. But how do you put it on a different computer?

Easy as pie. I can walk you through the steps.

There you go bringing up pie again. We really need to get something to eat after the show...

Unpacking your presentation
Follow these steps to unpack your presentation from your disk.

    1. Place your CD in the CD drive of the destination computer.

    2. Open up My Computer from Start on the Windows Desktop. An icon for the CD will be showing in the Devices with Removable Storage area of the window.

    3. Double-click the CD icon. The presentation will automatically run.

If you don't want to run the Slide Show immediately, follow these steps, so it will run when you want it to.

    1. Copy the presentation to the local computer hard drive. Do this by selecting the entire CD and press Ctrl-C. Navigate to a directory on the hard drive and paste using Ctrl-V.

    2. To open the file, double-click ppview.exe. The Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer will appear. 

    PowerPoint Viewer Icon

    3. Select the presentation and click Open. The presentation will now run.

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