Side Show

But what if my presentation has lots of text information? People read at different speeds. How can an automatic slide show handle that?

Or what if I'm doing an automatic presentation of my jokes? I need to give space for people to laugh. But I never know how long people will laugh. Audiences are fickle.

Simple! I offer a feature that allows the viewer to advance the slides at their own pace.

Wow! How empowering! Power to the people!

Letting the viewer run the show
Follow these steps to set up a viewer-run show.

    1. Click the Slide Show menu, the click Set Up Show.

    2. Under Show type, click the option Presented by a speaker (full screen).

    3. Under Advance slides, click the option Manually.

Checking your options

Now, the viewer can advance through the slide show using the mouse or the keyboard.

I like this adding buttons thing. But how do you do it? I'm not a computer programmer. Although with the salaries they make, it's certainly a good career move.

With me helping you out, you don't need to be a techno-geek! Adding buttons is as easy as a few clicks.

Adding your own buttons
When you set up a viewer-run show, the viewer must move through the slides by clicking the mouse or using the keyboard. However, not all viewers will know how to advance slides this way.

Make your presentation easier to view by adding action buttons. When you add an action button to a slide, you give the viewer an obvious place to click the mouse.

The following steps show you how to add a Forward action button to your slides. When viewers click the Forward button they will advance to the next slide.

    1. In Slide Show View, display the slide you want to add the action button to.

    2. Click the Slide Show menu, point to Action Buttons, then click the Forward Action button. The pointer changes into a cross.

Choosing an action button

    3. Click on the slide and drag, until the action button is the size you want. The Action settings dialog box will appear.

Action button on the slide

    4. Notice the option next to Hyperlink to Next Slide is already selected. Click OK to close the Action Settings dialog box.

Resizing Buttons tip

Note: The Forward action button advances slides, but it does not start animations. If you have animations in a viewer-run show, set a timing for the animation with these steps: Open the Custom Animation dialog box. Click the Timings tab, then select the option to Animate Automatically.

Experiment on your own with adding other action buttons to your slides. For instance, try adding the Beginning action button to the last slide of your presentation. When viewers click this button, they will return to the first slide in the show.

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