Tutorials in Print.

If you have limited access to an Internet connection or a computer, try a print-version of the Outlook Express in the Classroom tutorial.


The Outlook Express in the Classroom tutorial is available, free of charge, for reprint purposes to nonprofit educational organizations under the following conditions:

  • A reproduced unit must be in printed paper format (not for Web or software use).

  • Distribution must be free of charge. The tutorial, in whole or in part, may not be used for resale purposes.

  • The copyright information found on the first page of each unit MUST be reprinted and may not be altered or removed.


No fuss, no muss. Just make sure a printer is properly connected to your computer, then follow these four quick steps:

  1. Select a unit from the list below. A new browser window will open.

  2. Wait for the entire unit to download.

  3. Click the PRINT button on your browser's toolbar.

  4. Once you have printed the unit, close the window to return to this page.


Outlook Express in the Classroom is produced by ACT360 Media Ltd.
in conjunction with Microsoft Corporation.
Copyright 1998. All rights reserved.