What's going on?

Internet Explorer 5 is Microsoft's latest browser - and it's perfect for use in the classroom. This new browser has clever features that let you surf the Web faster. Internet Explorer 5 helps you enter Web addresses correctly. It keeps track of the Web sites you visit and lets you store an easy-access list of your favorites sites. It also makes searching for information easier than ever.

This entertaining tutorial is designed to show K - 12 teachers how to use Internet Explorer 5 in the classroom. You'll learn the basics of how to surf the Web, how to search for information, how to screen adult content, how to save content from the Web, and much more.

If you are an experienced user of Internet Explorer, you can go directly to the Table of Contents page and choose which features you want to learn. If you are new to the browser, you can take your time and journey through each unit with your host Monitor Joe.

How to use the tutorial

You have two basic options for using this tutorial.

1. You can join Monitor Joe as he guides you through the nine units that show you how to use Internet Explorer 5 in the classroom. From each page of Monitor Joe's monologue, you can link to a how-to page if you want to learn exactly how to do what he describes.

2. You can go straight to the Table of Contents if you want quick-reference instruction on how to do specific things in Internet Explorer 5.

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Getting help

If you need help navigating through the tutorial, you can always click the question mark in the top, right-hand corner of the page. A navigation map will appear, showing you how to move to another area of the tutorial.

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