Uh oh! It's that time again! A POP-QUIZ is coming your way...

1. If a Web page _______, you cannot save the text only.

(A) includes images
(B) is presented in several frames
(C) has large sound files
(D) has a black background

2. Before you copy and paste a passage from a Web page, you must _______ the text first.

(A) highlight
(B) bold
(C) enlarge
(D) delete

3. The code that Net nerds use to make Web pages is called _______.

(A) Visual Basic

4. To save a picture from a Web page, position your mouse over the image and _______ your mouse button.

(A) double-click
(B) left-click
(C) right-click
(D) don't click

5. If you are going to insert a Web image into a word processing document, which format should you save the image?

(A) GIF (.gif)
(B) JPEG (.jpg)
(C) BITMAP (.bmp)
(D) TEXT (.txt)

6. To save a sound or video file, you should select ________ from the pop-up menu.

(A) Save Target As...
(B) Save Picture As...
(C) Open Link
(D) Set as Wallpaper

7. IE4 can print Web pages presented in individual frames ________.

(A) in rainbow colors
(B) on one piece of paper
(C) in text-only format
(D) on a slab of cement

8. What is Raphus cucullatus?

(A) a fire-breathing dragon
(B) a creature that is half lion and half eagle
(C) a road-runner
(D) a dodo bird