Now you know how your students feel when you give them a POP-QUIZ.

1. The Content Advisor can only be turned ON and OFF by ________.

(A) giving the kids your password
(B) clicking the Content Advisor button
(C) supplying the proper password
(D) selecting the Enable button

2. What does the Content Advisor in IE4 do?

(A) it denies access to adult-oriented sites
(B) it helps you look for Web sites on the Internet
(C) it protects the information you send over the Internet
(D) it keeps track of the best Web sites

3. How many categories of content can you control using the Content Advisor?

(A) two
(B) three
(C) four
(D) five

4. The strictest setting for a category is a tolerance level of ________.

(A) zero
(B) one
(C) four
(D) five

5. Who devised the rating system used in the Content Advisor?

(A) Microsoft
(B) the Recreational Software Advisory Council (RASC)
(C) the Digital Education Network (DEN)
(D) the United Nations

6. Sites are rated on a _______ basis.

(A) mandatory
(B) voluntary
(C) first come, first serve
(D) trial-and-error

7. No matter how good they make IE4's Content Advisor, there is no substitute for ________.

(A) personal opinion
(B) careful consideration
(C) PB & J sandwiches
(D) adult supervision

8. How do you stop the Content Advisor from appearing every time you visit a site without a rating?

(A) click Disable button
(B) check the circle next to Show me sites without ratings
(C) check the box next to Stop showing me these messages
(D) check the box next to Users can see sites that have no rating