So, you're ready to send the class out on their first Web safari. You've told them what to hunt. You've showed them how to use IE4. But wait! Which search engine do you arm them with? Choose wisely, or your students may miss the target.

Pictures and Sounds

The kids are working on a polar bear project and want to include a few images. Lycos can help them locate a web image or even a sound clip of the furry beasts.

Just for Kids

Your 4th graders want web information on Egypt, but end up with five dozen links to travel agents. Send your students to Yahooligans, a search engine just for kids, where they will find a myriad of useful education links.

Best of Education

There are a lot of one-page, web sites with little or no valuable information. If you don't want your class wasting time on these duds, then send them to the TOP 5% search engine. TOP 5% will hunt through its collection of web site ratings and reviews, then return a list of the highest rated sites for a specific topic.

Fields of Study

Are you just surfing for some good math sites, or perhaps some general science sites? Excite's Field of Study page is a smart starting point. Follow the sub-topic links until you reach a Web Site Review page.

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