After an incredible holiday at some scenic locale, you rush to have your pictures developed at the one-hour photo shop. But when you return to pick up your photos, you find that every picture you have taken is out of focus or blurred. What a disappointment.

Don't despair. It's possible that you intended to make your pictures blurry. That's crazy, you respond, why would anyone want to do that?

In our Speed Freak lesson, we are going to take a clear image and blur it so it looks as if an object in the photo is in motion. Paint Shop Pro has several interesting Deformations and Filters that can be used to alter and skew images to produce some cool effects. We will use these tools to purposely blur an image of a car and make it look as if it was speeding past us. As you work through this lesson, think of some other cases where you might want to intentionally obscure an otherwise perfectly fine picture.