You have just spent a hot summer afternoon beneath the blazing sun. Now you find yourself inside the local 7-11 store staring at the vast drink cooler stretching across the back wall. What do you feel like having? A soft drink? Juice? A sports drink? Or maybe a bottle of ice, cold water? How do you decide? Do you consult your taste buds? Or is it the drink with the bold, catchy name on the bright-coloured label that seems to command your attention?

It is often our eyes, not our taste buds, that decides which drink would best quench our thirst. When we buy an edible product, we invariably see the package before we taste what is inside. Food companies realize this and make packaging and labels as eye-catching as possible.

In this lesson, you will work with the Text Tool in Paint Shop Pro to design a label for a drink of your choice. You will learn how to change the style, size and strength of the text. You will also learn how to add special features such as text shadows and rotated text. By adjusting the properties of your label's text, you can make your product jump right out at the viewer.