Darkness of the impending night has begun to creep into your basement laboratory. You can't remember how many nights have come and gone since you began your experiments. But you can recall how they laughed when you described your plans of combining human DNA with that of inanimate objects to bring them to life. With a mixture of excitement and apprehension you open the container which holds your new lifeform...

This lesson, based on the play of the same name, will let you combine everyday objects with human facial features to create your own new "lifeforms". Using various Select Tools found in Paint Shop Pro, you will be able to copy pieces of one image and paste them into another picture.

Our Library has a nice selection of everyday objects and human facial features to get you started. We encourage you to try a few different combinations of objects and features, while experimenting with each of the Select Tools of Paint Shop Pro. Go ahead with your experiments but beware - you may be shocked by what you see.