Keeping your file size under 60K
The folks in the Gallery office don't want to limit your creative ability. However, we do have to remember that most of our Gallery visitors don't have high speed Internet connections and waiting for large image files to download can be very tiring. Here are three tips on keeping file sizes to a minimum:

* Keep your image size (height x width) small:

The larger your image size, the larger your file size. Try to crop-out any unecessary white-space that might appear around your image.

* Use fewer colours

If you have only used 16 colours (4 bit) in your image, then adjust your image palette to 16 colours. In Paint Shop Pro, select Colors * Decrease color depth.

* Save as .JPG instead of .GIF
If you have already saved your image as a .GIF and its file size exceeds 60K, you will want to save your image as a .JPG instead. Remember, though, to increase your colour palette to 16 million colours beforehand and to adjust the compression of your .JPG to at least 50.

In Paint Shop Pro, you can specify the compression level of .JPGs by selecting File * Preferences * General * Saving. The higher the value in the toggle box, the smaller your file size.

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