GraphicsDEN will teach you how to use a computer graphics program to create unique digital art. Each lesson takes you from start to finish of a digital project. You can follow our step-by-step instructions to complete a similar project. Or, you can apply what you learn here to your own computer illustrations.

For demonstration purposes, we have selected a graphics program called Paint Shop Pro. PSP is one of the easiest programs for beginners to learn and use. Yet, it offers powerful features often found in applications ten times its price. PSP also requires very little RAM to operate (4MB) and even runs smoothly on computers with only a 386 processor.

To get the most out of GraphicsDEN, we recommend that you obtain a copy of PSP for your home PC. You can give PSP a try by downloading a free, 30-day trial version from JASC. The shareware version has a few features disabled, so after your trial period you might want to take advantage of a special offer and purchase a copy of PSP for $59 (US dollars; plus shipping).

Every good artist needs a tool box full of art goodies. That's why we've included a virtual Artbox in GraphicsDEN as a reference to the various paint and select tools in Paint Shop Pro. If you happen to forget exactly which tool does what, look in the Artbox and click on a tool for a quick description and demonstration.

GraphicsDEN has a small Library of digital images. You can use these images to complete GraphicsDEN lessons by simply downloading them to your hard drive.

We know that once you have completed a GraphicsDEN project, you will want to show it to the world. GraphicsDEN includes a cyber Gallery for you to exhibit your digital art. Visit the Gallery's office and submit your GraphicsDEN projects for display on the Web.

If you have any suggestions for future GraphicsDEN lessons or if you just want to let us know how we're doing, send your e-mail to